The Coleman Family

If you didn't know this already, my sister gave birth to a beautiful angel Dylan Jay on December 17th, 6:10 am, 2013.

Dylan is honestly the light of our families lives.

Our family is pretty small, but we are all extremely close. So when someone (finally) got pregnant we were beyond thrilled and excited.

I took pretty much the entire month of December off of work to be with my sister. When her water broke it felt so surreal. And when I visited her in the hospital once Dylan was born, we all felt like we could stare at her all day. And we did! (Haha)

Here are just a few photos of Dylan once she was born. 

I even took the time to attempt to make a short film of Dylan's birth.

Its so true when people say how fast children grow. I cannot believe the little personality on this little boo boo. I have never loved someone so much.

My sister Nichole, Chris, Dylan, and I finally had time to do a little mini session together. This little family will never know how much I love them. I will always be here to care for you, and protect you. You guys are some of the few people I have in this world. I am so blessed and grateful that you let me be such a big part of your journey. I need to end this before I end up in tears. ;)

I hope you enjoy your photos!