The Munson Family // Fall Photo Session

The Munson's have had me as their photographer since the day I moved home from Chicago. I cannot even tell you how much joy that brings me.

I have done summer sessions, christmas photo's, and individual shoots with the Munson's. They knew it was time for some fall photographs!

We started at the college lodge. It was stunning. The leaves were beautiful. The sun was peaking through the trees, and there was a long dirt path that we all admired. And of course its always fun to see little Khloe grow, laugh, play, and be the free spirit that she really is in front of the camera.

I remember meeting Khloe at 4 months old. Its truly incredible to watch a child grow right before your eyes. I haven't seen Khloe in a really long time. When I was working with her, she was having conversations with me. I guess I wasn't expecting that! She is her own little person now.

I am so grateful for the constant business, as always. I cannot wait to see what they will have up their sleeve for Christmas!