The Newest Addition | Kemba

Tim and I started dating while I lived in Chicago, in April of 2012.

When I moved home him and I were always together. There wasn't any holding back with us. Two weeks into dating he would terribly serenade me in the car. Not kidding! Even though he doesn't have the best voice... It didn't stop me from falling in love with this nerd! 

About 7 months into dating, I remember him and I cuddling on the couch, looking at photos of Alaskan Malamutes. We dreamt of getting one. My mom even told us we could and we could keep it at her house while I lived there!

Obviously we didn't feel that was a smart decision.

Now that a few years have gone by, and we live together... We finally decided to put ourselves on the waiting list. This was SCARY. A dog is such a huge responsibility. And when I got a call at work that we were off the waiting list for our dream pup of a Malamute, I broke out into tears while I was waitressing! All my coworkers laughed at me. I could not believe how fast we got off the waiting list! 

Tim and I sat down and discussed every single thing about the responsibility of having a dog together as soon as it felt real. And even though it seemed scary at first, it has never felt so right after meeting our pup for the first time. As soon as we met Kemba we knew he was ours, and it was meant to be.

We walked into our breeders house (an extremely friendly couple!) and saw the entire litter. Kemba (our dog) was the first one I held, and Tim had the other male we could chose from. 

While we were playing with the dogs, I kept repeating myself... "I have no clue which one to pick."

Even though in my heart, I really had my heart set on the first one I held. I didn't want to say what I wanted without hearing Tim's opinion first. After asking him to tell me which one he felt was right... It was meant to be. Because he loved Kemba as much as I did! (We had a ton of names picked out, but we chose Kemba simply because we liked it the best! It's short and sweet. It sounds BA too, right?!) 

When we first met Kemba he was so calm, and friendly. He loved to be held and he hid under a cabinet at one point! It was adorable. I wanted to stay and play forever! Tim is actually sitting in a chair upstairs cuddling with Kemba while I write this blog. 

While waiting to get him three weeks after we met him... We stocked up on toys, treats, dog food, a bed, leash, collar, and many other necessities! Tim and I walked around the house and talked about Kemba as if he was around us all the time. There was one day I had a hard day, and I said "I just wish Kemba was here." 

Well finally... He's here. And we could not be happier. We are so thankful for the wonderful couple (Bob and Alice of Beauflue Kennels) for giving us such an amazing dog.