Liz | Western NY Beach Body Coach

So many times I get the question.. How many siblings do you have? I without a doubt say “Two older sisters”.

Meet Liz.

Liz is my oldest sister.

Why am I sitting here clarifying this to you?

Well, all the time I get... “Don’t you only have one sister?”

No. It is Liz, Nichole, and I. Its even tattooed on my moms back. ;)

Liz is actually by blood, my cousin. My mom took care of her since she was ten years old. She is more than just a cousin to me. She is a huge part of our family. When she lived with us she had her own room, attended family dinners, brought her boyfriends/friends over, and even played video games with Nichole (my other sister) and I. We all fought like sisters, and we still do! But at the end of the day, there is nothing but love for one another.

We are so blessed for you Liz.

I have watched Liz travel the country, reside in California/North Carolina through out the years. Adventure is something her and I have always had in common. I’ll never forget when I randomly packing my bags at the age of 16 to drive with her to North Carolina for 10 days. I took a flight back to New York by myself because she stayed in North Carolina. This is a memory I cherish and hold to my heart deeply. Here is a video to prove it all.. (Try not to laugh too hard!)

Anyway, Liz now resides back home in Western, NY. She finished her Masters Degree, and is now certified to be a teacher. She has such a young, fun, loving, good heart. She has a special place for children. She also has this fire inside of her that keeps her pushing, despite all that she has been through. She doesn’t make excuses, and its truly remarkable how she lives her life.

Liz also has a passion for fitness. She is on the journey of a lifetime right now. She is a beach body coach and was recognized by other coaches. Because of her recognition, she was flown across the country to Washington State to attend a retreat with other beach body coaches. She has been given other opportunities to travel as well.

A girl with this much recognition NEEDS head shots! I was excited to take care of this for you! I can’t wait to see where you go from here. You deserve every ounce of success that you are getting.