Jewel | Senior

This session was one that was very special to me.

I grew up around Jewel. Her parents are really good friends with mine, and we always went camping together, hung out at one another’s houses, etc. I even baby sat Jewel once I was old enough to. I remember making her pizza one time and she told me it was better than her Dads pizza. ;)

I would see Jewel here and there once I left college, but it had been so long since I actually spent a good chunk of time with her. I cannot believe how beautiful and grown she is. 

We were able to hit up four locations during our session. Every minute was relaxed and simple with her. Her mom was behind the camera making her laugh, so it was incredibly easy to get natural shots of her. She was so cute and bubbly! (Which made for amazing photos)

As always for my seniors, I cannot wait to see what your future holds. I wish nothing but the best for you, Jewel.