Gabby | Head Shots

I remember photographing our high school musical performance of "Beauty and the Beast". Gabby played "Mrs. Pots" and her sister played "Babette". The entire performance was phenomenal!

I have always seen Gabby's passion for theatre. She was involved in every activity that it entailed. I was excited to hear that Gabby was continuing her theatre education in college!

That is something that Gabby and I have in common. We have both followed our passion since we left high school.  When I worked with Gabby last week, it was incredibly easy. She took direction so well. The artists in both of us came out together.

I was lucky enough to utilize the property at my grandparents cottage for this shoot. I had already knew I was going to be doing head shots with Gabby, but I wanted to take a more creative direction (while still getting traditional head shots).

When I went on a fishing trip with my Dad at the cottage, I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of using their property for photos! There was so much to work with around us. (Keep in mind this property is not that huge, so the fact that we were able to capture amazing shots just within a few short distances within each other was pretty incredible.)

We stopped at the lake on our way home to finish the last 10 minutes of our session. The vibe was completely different than what we were doing at the first location, but thats the beauty of being on different locations. You can create different moods.

I was so happy to work with Gabby, and I cannot wait to see where she takes her career!