Molly + Michael

Molly and I have known one another since we were five years old. Molly was always fearless, and I am sure you will see that in her photos with her boyfriend, Michael. (She had no problem dragging him out into the middle of the lake!) 

Seeing them together is like witnessing pure joy. They had me cracking up because they couldn't take getting their photo taken seriously at all. Which I LOVED. It was so candid and fun to watch.

Molly was home for the summer and her boyfriend ended up visiting. They drove back to Tennessee together for school. I was so sad to see them leave because I was having a blast hanging out with them all summer. (Summer has to come to an end, right?) :(

They made it home safe and I am sure I will be seeing her around Christmas time! (I kind of can't wait. Sssh.)