Buffalo Bridal Expo >> January 25th, 2015

Wow! What a past few months it has been. I remember getting ready to join the Buffalo Bridal Association. I remember looking forward to my first show in January of 2015.

I would have never thought to become a part of this if my eyes weren't open to it from my grandma. It feels so great to have someone in my life who wants to guide me and help me succeed. I am very grateful for this past weekend, its all because of her!

A couple months before the show I knew I had to think of a set up that would represent my style as a person. I love country, with a hint of modern and classy. Throw some romance in the mix too! I knew if my dad built me this wood wall >> he is an amazing carpenter ;) << and then had these silver platters that used to be my grandma Boyda's out on my table, it would help me stand out a little more at this show!

Once the bridal show began I warmed up to the beautiful faces that came out pretty quickly. It seems like a lot all at once until you get rolling and talking to people! I was an artist before a photographer, which means art was my escape. I am pretty shy and introverted. I usually like to let my work speak for itself. But in this business, you have to be proud and inviting. I hope I did just that for everyone!

After the show was over it was a whirlwind of emotions. I felt so overwhelmed with the incredible response I was given. I felt so many people wanted to see my work at the show. I was NON stop talking. 6 hours flew by like it was nothing.

I would just like to thank everyone who stopped by my booth. I am so thrilled to be in touch with several brides from the show! I have wanted to gain clientele in Buffalo for a long long time now, and I am excited to see that finally happening.

Thanks again to my grandma and my mom for supporting me at this show! Thanks to my dad for building this fantastic setup for me. Also Thanks to my Uncle Drew and Aunt Sara for hanging all weekend and stopping by in the morning to help set up!! It was such a great weekend. Love you all!