FALL HANGS | A Personal Post

What a fall! Having quite a few sessions, 2 weddings to deliver, my final wedding of the season (tears), AND starting a new part time job... It has been pretty crazy! I find myself still pinching myself that we bought out first dream home. (We are still settling here and getting used to this home! Especially paying larger bills.. Eeeek!)

With everything going on, I'm sad the busy season is nearly over. I'm sure I will get a few things here and there, run a couple christmas specials, and boudoir for valentines day. But its still going to be a complete slow down after the busiest summer I have had! 

With all this being said (with all these recent adjustments) It was a perfect time for Amanda to be back into my life. Her positivity and outlook on life is infectious. We went on many adventures this fall. And I will tell the story in my photos below. Come to find out while she was here we lined up some work for me in Cabo. I will be second shooting for my first destination wedding in March! (yayyy!) And I will also be doing some commercial work while hanging with her there! 

While I wait for March to roll around, below is a few photos of Amandas spirit to get me by. Check out her website here! Her talent is incredible!