Kemba | Our Warrior

I was going to write this blog the other day. I was going to post the photos below and probably write some corny blog post about how much I love my little family. ;)

But I think the subject has a slight change here. Kemba had to undergo emergency surgery on Saturday. I would like to thank all of the doctors and staff at Forestville Animal Hospital. I left an emergency voice message and Dr. Bache contacted me within 2 minutes of my phone call. It sounded like there were kids playing in the background of our phone call and I can only imagine how crappy it was for him to give up a sunny saturday to take care of us. I know it comes with his job, but I would like to publicly thank how appreciative I am of his time. Of course the staff who had to come in and help with the surgery as well.

Friday/Saturday was a nightmare. Kemby was lethargic and not himself for two days. He couldn't keep food or even water down. I kept listening to so many opinions, reading things online, etc. I kept making excuses to not take him to the vet. Once he vomited again, I said to myself "That's it!" I called the vet. I believe it was a blessing in disguise that we waited one more day so Dr. Bache could be introduced into Kemba's life. He works with Kemba's behavior so much better than our previous vet did. Lets face it, Kemba is a stubborn Alaskan Malamute with a lot of personality. I feel Forestville is a better fit for us. I am not saying anything bad about other vets- but for our dog, this is the place he needs to be!

Once we got him there and did the x-rays, nothing was showing up in his intestines. But his intestines did look like something could be wrong with them. He did surgery that day. I was worried sick about getting the call. I felt relief to hear everything went well. Dr Bache was extremely thorough and caring. After all was said and done, it turns out one of my makeup sponges was stuck inside his intestines.

I will never buy a makeup sponge again.

Oh Kemba.

Kemba. Kemba. Kemba.

When we got you, I don't think anything could prepare us for a dog who likes to eat anything in sight. Although we thought he was getting better in this department, it turns out we still have to be extra extra careful. 

Now Kemba is finally home with us, resting and sleeping by our side. I feel incredible and a sense of relief that this entire situation is over. I will now call him our warrior.

While Kemba is healing its nice to look back on these photos below and know that he will be running around again like this in just a couple weeks.