Jennasha + Fayne // Lake Erie Mother Daughter Shoot

I am sure everyone knows by now what a special bond I have with these two. They have been faithful to my business, even in the growing stages. And when Jennasha told me her ideas for this shoot over lunch together, I couldn’t help but get excited! Which is what I love about Jennasha, we can sit and talk for 3 hours about so many ideas and adventurous things. We uplift and encourage one another when we are together!

First off, their outfits were absolutely AMAZING! Jennasha styled themselves so incredibly perfect. And its already a plus that together, they are such a beautiful paring.

We started at the point, (which I realized that there are some spots you can trick it into looking like the ocean!) and then we headed over to one of the beaches near the cliffs. The photos say it all. I loved capturing the moments that were real. (When Fayne was crying and Jennasha was holding her). There were those “moments” but with patience and a relaxed approach, I was able to capture the natural beauty that surrounded them both.

I couldn’t be more in love with these two! Thank you for the endless business, and I know we will always be capturing these memories for years to come.