Dark and Moody Office Space! Buffalo Photographer | WNY Photographer

Where to begin. The icing on the cake of an already difficult year was tragically losing our 2 year old dog Kemba on Tims birthday, just 3 days before Christmas. Its almost been a month now since we lost Kemba… but I think Tim and I have surprised ourselves with how we are working through this. At first it was all so shocking and tragic (of course), but in the wake of it all… we have ultimately concluded that Kemba, Tim, and I have a spiritual bond that will never EVER be broken. I have faith in that. I have never gained this much wisdom and spiritual realization of myself in such a short amount of time. I have Tim and Kemba to thank for that. What an honor to have such a raw and emotional connection with two beautiful souls.

With all of that being said, the day after Christmas I had plans with my mom to paint my office. Even though it was the last thing I wanted to do after losing such a huge part of my life, I knew if I hadn't gotten out of bed and moved forward with my plans… I could have potentially fallen into a dark place! I need to say thank you to my mom and dad for coming up to my house on Christmas day and continuing our plans to move forward with my office space. I was so afraid to come home and move on with my life. I wanted so badly to hop on the next flight to anywhere. But unfortunately I have had that state of mind in my past where I felt the need to run away… and that did no good for me. I knew I needed to return home and find my new normal as soon as possible. Otherwise I was going to sweep all of the emotions I was feeling under the rug and ignore them if I continued with the “I want to run away” mentality. 

Anyways, back to the office space. I decided to paint my office black. I wanted to go a completely different route with the black, but I waited a while to decorate and let it sink in on what I really thought I should do. A lightbulb popped up in my head. Why do I have an office space that I am simply planning on sitting at my desk for 8+ hours at a time? I wanted my office to be dark and moody, but also open and inviting for other forms of expression other than photography. So what I decided to do was make it a yoga space as well. I plan to keep my yoga mat in the middle of my office at all times. To inspire me to do yoga once I wake up and start working. (The eventual goal is to get a hot yoga heating system)

Once my office was painted, I waited patiently for my desk to come in. After I set up my desk, I still felt like I was missing something. So my sweet Dad drove up and gifted me this awesome light fixture, a few candles, and a plant! Him and Tim even hung the fixture together. (I helped by shining a flashlight ha ha!!) The light hangs about two feet from the ceiling and gives an edgy industrial touch to my space. My easel is still in the corner- and I hope to continue to paint and express myself. Honestly, I hope to do tons of creative projects in this room! XO

I am glad I have created an inspiring space for me to be in. A space that is NOT just for WORK. It is now my own spot. My HAPPY place! Thanks to all the helping hands who contributed! :)

Now check out the photos!!