Welch's // Double A Vineyards Trip

Before I write this blog, I would like to thank Photography by JenniLee for recommending me for this job. I know she had to turn it down because she had lost someone close in her family. I will send prayers to you and your family. I hope you find the time to heal in peace.

When I arrived at Double A Vineyards I wasn't dressed for the occasion. I had boots on with a one inch heel. When I was being told what the plans were for the day before the group had arrived, I couldn't believe I did not have other shoes in my truck. Luckily, I spoke up and joked about my shoes because the office assistant, Danielle lent me her rain boots! Thanks so much again for that. ;)

When the group arrived, I started documenting our trip quickly. The entire group from Welch's were extremely friendly. I felt at home and comfortable with them. (They were from Puerto Rico, and told me how warm they are there!)

We started by tasting the grapes, (so delicious!) and we learned about harvesting. Dennis (the owner) was incredibly nice. He taught the group so much about the process of harvesting. We even ended up taking a ride on the machine that harvests the grapes in a timely manner. (When Dennis worked the vineyards when he was a boy, they hand picked the grapes.) Oh how technology has changed over the years! ;)

I not only ended up learning about grapes, harvesting, the juicing process, etc. But I also learned about Puerto Rico thanks to the group who came along for the trip! I would love to visit in the future.

I would like to thank the representatives of Welch's, and Double A Vineyards once again for this incredible experience. Its hard to believe this entire time I lived 10 minutes away from something I had no clue about. Enjoy your photographs!!