Vegan Burger Recipe | Sweet Potato Black Bean Burgers

I have been crafting my own veggie burgers for about a year now. I have always struggled to make them firm and so they wouldn’t fall apart!

BUT I think I have found the magic combinations for FIRM homemade veggie burgers! They are crispy and brown on the outside, and a little soft on the inside.

What you will need:

1/2 cup of cornmeal

2 boiled and COOLED sweet potatoes

1 cup of chopped white/red onion

1 can of black beans

1 tbs of cumin

2 tsp of sea salt

2 tsp of black pepper

Optional: 1 bundle of cilantro chopped


Turn on the oven to broil. 

Boil the sweet potatoes in a small pot of water and cool them in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours. (This is an important step because it will help firm up the veggie burger.) 

Once the sweet potatoes are cooled, mash the sweet potatoes with a potato masher. Mix in the chopped onion, black beans, spices, and herbs. Form into medium shape patties and put on a greased baking sheet! (Or on parchment paper instead!)

Broil the patties for 25-30 minutes. The burgers will come out of the oven crispy and held together! I'm not going to lie, they almost look like oatmeal cookies ;)

You can enjoy these burgers on their own, over rice, in a lettuce wrap, or traditionally on a roll! They are DELICIOUS and CRISPY!

And just a tip. My favorite topping for these burgers is vegan “honey” mustard. (Just mix together 1tbs of vegan mayo, 1 tbs of maple syrup or agave, and 1tbs of mustard.) I promise you won’t know the difference. It tastes just like honey mustard. This condiment is perfect for a sweet potato based veggie burger.


Serving size - 1 burger

Calories 197

Fat 1.2g

Carbs 38.9

Protein 7.6g

Cholesterol: 0

Fiber: 7.3g

Sugars: 3.2g