Jess + Jeff // Rustic Buffalo Wedding

Where do I even begin with these two? Jess and Jeff sat down with me at Tim Hortons around a year and a half/two years ago. They were so incredibly easy to talk to. (I should mention that my mom recommended me to Jess at Pier 1 imports and gave her a business card.) She hired me right away! I love how simple it is to find wedding clients at times. You should never be afraid to talk to anyone, or to speak up. Thank you mama!

Anyways, back to the story here. When I met with Jess, she was gushing over how they met. Jess is a snowboard instructor, and Jeff crashed into her with his snowboard (in a flirtatious way I assume) while she was teaching. I find this amazing because you don’t hear things like this very often. It was adorable how they talked to me for over an hour in Tim Hortons, talking about their lives and their dreams.

What I love most about these two is that they are my age. It just goes to show no matter your age or where you are at in life, its never too early or too late to get married. These two are in love, and its obvious.

One of my favorite parts about their ceremony was the way the pastor described Jess and Jeff. I hadn’t even known Jess and Jeff for very long and the beautiful words (kind, caring, open, loving, communicative, etc.) were just a few things he said of them that I had already thought of them as a couple.

Once the ceremony was over we headed to Knox Farms for photos. Oh my gosh… I have never shot here before but now I can see why so many people do. It is a photographers playground! Rustic rustic rustic. It was raining for some of their photos, but I love when couples get adventurous and could care less about the rain! There was so much coverage anyways that it didn’t even matter.

The reception was at Josephs Catering/Manor and it was fabulous! The rustic theme definitely played out at this reception. Every little detail was perfect.

Of course after the reception Gunnar and I took Jess and Jeff out for a few more shots of them. Pretty pine trees are my current obsession!

Thank you so much Jess + Jeff for letting me capture your day. You both were truly wonderful clients to have. I wish you both all the happiness in the world!!