Beefy Vegans Lifestyle Shoot.

My vision would be to capture you both at a farmers market/cooking in the kitchen. Authentic, natural, candid, and fun. Farmers market/cooking vegan is the theme. The photos below are just to give you a sense of what the “mood” of the shoot would be. Mostly bright, airy, and vibrant. Your only task would be to be yourselves while cooking, while I'm there capturing the details and process. Keep in mind what you may want to show off to the public with what you decide to cook. You could do a fall inspired dish since it is the season! I would also encourage you to cook as if you are at home. So behave as you would in your normal environment. Being natural and yourselves make for the best photos.

Imagine a bright white kitchen. Which I actually have in West Seattle and could offer it up as a location. But I also found some Airbnb's in Portland for cheap, that have really nice bright kitchens. I'm open to other location suggestions. However I feel any of these locations would do just fine. I created a mood board below so you can get a little more of an idea for how I would capture the session. (More details after the photos)

Mood Board:

Portland Airbnb's:


Seattle Kitchen:


Let me know what you think!

1 hour max at the farmers market. (11am-12pm)

1-2 hours of cooking/having fun. (12-2pm max)

Capturing the final plated dish. (2-2:30pm)

Capturing you enjoying the finished product of course. (2:30pm-?)